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Stimulan Rapid Cure - 10 cc INR   0 INR  0

Stimulan Rapid Cure - 10 cc

-1 TREAT INFECTION AND MANAGE DEAD SPACE - 2 RELEASE HIGH LEVELS OF ANTIBIOTIC LOCALLY, WITHOUT SYSTEMIC LEVELS - 3 FULLY REASONABLE, 100% ANTIBIOTIC RELEASED SIZE- 5 CC. -Stimulan Rapid Cure is approved for mixing with antibiotics for total knee arthroplasty, where infection is present or suspected. It can be used to treat and prevent infection and for the management of dead space, releasing high levels of antibiotics locally over sustained periods. The low thermal setting characteristics reduces the restrictions on which antibiotic or combinations of antibiotics can be mixed.Treatment can be tailored to the patient's individual pathology. THIS PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE IN BHARUCHA ASSOCIATES, VADODARA. CONTACT - DEVANG BHARUCHA MOBILE N0= +91 9825040026



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