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A 21- Regular Half Arm Cast Ft
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Vissco Pro -Abdoset The Vissco Pro Abdoset is a great product to be used is cases of abdominal pains. This is a great fit, especially for the elderly who might be suffering from regular abdominal pains, especially after surgeries. The product from Vissco comes with an adjustable support which allows its size to be tweaked to be the best fit for the customer. The product is also useful for women who have recently undergone pregnancy since it provides comforting support to the muscles of the abdomen and hence, speeds up the recovery process. *Benefits of Use: -Extends support to the abdomen of elder people -The compression improves the blood flow in the abdomen region -Improves the recovery time after surgeries, including pregnancies -Research also suggest that abdominal belts can help to control the -waistline. -Helps to increase the recovery time in case of incisions -Can help to control sagging of muscles in the abdominal region -Can help to reduce abdominal swelling We are dealing vissco pro abdoset supplier on vadodara & other cities .
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Dyna Thumb Spica Splint is a premium splint with anatomically confirming made of high-density polythene that immobilizes the thumb and wrist while allowing other fingers to move. Thumb spica splint immobilizes the joint of the thumb without inhibiting hand movement. Helps reduce pain and inflammation and prevents further injury. We are dealing Dyna Thumb spica splint supplier in vadodara.
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Dyna Lumbo grip Lumbo sacral corset yna Lumbo Sacral Corset is the traditional Lumbo Sacral Belt. It is made of sanforized cotton, elastic and foam padding. we are dealing Dyna Lumbo Grip lumbo sacral corset supplier in vadodara.
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Dyna Dynamic cock up splint During post injury and prolonged immobilisation of wrist, there is a chance of muscle stiffness. we are leading we are Dyna Dynamic Cock up splint supplier in vadodara.